S T E P H A N I E    S K U J A


There is no better way to start the day than with a sharp pencil, blank piece of paper and a cup of really good coffee.

Stephanie Skuja is a multidisciplinary designer who applies her training and experience in graphic and industrial design to celebrating the everyday narratives in both product design and visual communication.  Having recently graduated from RMIT's Industrial Design Honours program as well as having years of experience in visual design, she is of the belief these two disciplines are entirely complimentary and instrumental in her thoughtful and unique approach to the design process. 

Stephanie's passion lies in the joyful play between objects, space and people, with a desire for her work to evoke emotion and intrigue while always being functional. Equipped with experience and skills spanning branding, visual identity, web design, visual communication, 3d modelling and printing, slip cast ceramics, lighting, jewellery and object design.