Design that tells a story gives an object a history, and with history we can relate our memories and emotions. Designing with narrative allows an object to have a deeper layer of meaning and value, both to the designer and the consumer.

Fero was a part of a design studio at RMIT called Design as Narrative. The brief called on us to find a story within an in history and design an object for a contemporary company that tells that story.  The era in history was the Viking age and the company was Melbourne based accessories brand, Elk Accessories. A leather travel journal was designed, inspired by the Vikings passion for travel, adventure and storytelling.  


"Fero, translated from old norse, means to travel, to journey.  This word was used by the great nordic travellers, the Vikings.  1000 years ago the Vikings transformed the idea of travel and it is their sense of adventure that inspired this journal. While the Vikings travelled to discover the world, we travel to discover ourselves.  This journal is your companion on those long haul flights, your canvas while sitting in a Parisian cafe, your pages to fill with thoughts from trekking the Inca Trail, your vessel to store your memories and the story of your adventures."

(This project was a part of a design studio within RMIT's Industrial Design program)